Eik & Tid

It became clear to us early on that to make Norwegian beer, we needed Norwegian ingredients. Unfortunately back 2014 the only Norwegian ingredients available to use where foragebles, farmed fruits/berries and water. The key raw material for making beer where all imported from abroad often from big industrial producers. This was frustrating for us, as we wanted a closer relationship with raw materials that went in to our beer. And we wanted our beer to be Norwegian. To make a Norwegian beer with all ingredients from abroad felt dishonest to us. Fortunately we had some luck with our timing. Almost at the same time we started doing test batches back in 2014, farmer Arne Nicolay Bøhmer had finished converting the old cow house on his farm to a floor maltings. Norway had gotten its first commercial producer of malt since the 1980s, and not only does he malt the barley, he also grows it himself. This news made us excited like little kids on Christmas eve!

Parallel to this we had travelled around to the remote parts of Norway where we knew there was true Norwegian yeast to find. At the first annual farmhouse festival in Norway, Norsk Kornølfestival, we found what we where looking for. In Hornindal they had heritage yeast that could be tweeked to make tart and fruity beer. By gathering, testing and selecting different Kveik from this area we where able to put together our main house culture that we use in almost all our beers.

These two events put us in an unique position to make the beers we wanted, and equally important, had a true sense of place.

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